About Digim

DIGIM is a leading Digital Marketing Agency for all your digital marketing needs. We offer Digital Marketing Solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) to create interactive experiences that capture attention, build engagement and demonstrate measurable results through a combination of our insight-driven approach and client’s business model. DIGIM clients benefit from immense experience of growing online revenue ,increasing quality traffic and strengthening brand engagement .Our dedicated Account Managers and Brand Strategists will build a customized Digital Advertising Program and Social Media Advertising Campaigns based on your brands strengths ,desired audience , and revenue goals. We help you to achieve your goal over time with proper Digital Marketing Strategies.

Nidhi Khurana

Nidhi Khurana is MD & CEO of DIGIM with over 18 years of domestic and international experience across multiple industries. Nidhi is an IIT Delhi alumni and also serves on the board of Gabsons Group of companies. She is an entrepreneur and is passionate about supporting businesses grow and diversify.

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